Mr. Humdinger Goes Fishing

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My sisters and I with a friend watched Mr. Humdigner. We had great laughs.

Elizabeth C.

Mr. Humdinger has been a favorite of all our six sons. They have watched it over and over again countless times, belly laughing at the good clean fun. They are only disappointed there are not more episodes to enjoy.

Homeschool mom of six children

We love Mr.Humdinger! Our 3 children (10, 8 and 5) thoroughly enjoyed learning the process of Commercial Fisherman. Our five year old is especially smitten over Mr. Humdinger! He connects and delights in Mr. Humdinger’s humor and energy! I appreciate the content and innocence of the video. Entertaining and well worth your time!

Renee C., adult

Mr. Humdinger Goes Fishing is super funny! We learned about the craft of fishing.

Three brothers, ages 6, 8, 10

Mr. Fin and Mr. Humdinger are very entertaining. This is one of the few educational videos my kids ask to see over and over.

G. Gomes, adult

Mr. Humdinger Goes Fishing – All hands on deck. What a wonderful, joyfilled experience while learning. You feel like you are there learning with Mr. Humdinger and Mr. Fin. When something is fun, you remember it – “it” sticks. Learning can be fun and this is definitely fun. I can envision Mr. Humdinger joining with other characters down the road. We could all use a little more laughter together.

Jean H., adult

The best way I can describe ‘Mr. Humdinger’ is ‘Gilligan goes fishing.’ Mr. Humdinger is hilarious and Mr. Fin is really cute. My kids love this video.

Robyn E., adult

My little boys thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Humdinger Goes Fishing! Mr. Humdinger kept them laughing even while we gained a thorough introduction to the world of a mariner. Thanks for a family friendly educational comedy!

Gina H., adult

Even as an adult I found Mr. Humdinger enjoyable. I never knew the fishing industry was so fascinating.

F. Standard, Grandma