Mr. Humdinger Goes Fishing

As seen on PBS, Mr. Humdinger Goes Fishing is a live-action video that shows kids what it is like to be a commercial fisherman for a day.

Parents report that after watching Mr. Humdinger Goes Fishing their kids want to do just one thing: watch it again and again. Why? Because it is not just another boring educational video … it tickles their funny bone!

Mr. Humdinger and his puppet sidekick, Mr. Fin, learn about the fishing industry from Captain Emery, skipper of a 90-foot fishing boat. Together, they learn about boats and safety equipment, visit the ice house and dry dock, and take the fishing vessel out to sea to catch some fish. Upon their return, they deliver their catch to the processing plant where it is prepared for the grocery store.

While on the “job” Mr. Humdinger and Mr. Fin have all sorts of comical misadventures: Mr. Humdinger learns what it is like to eat on the ocean while making banana soup; Mr. Fin hijacks a fishing boat to search for the perfect fishburger; Mr. Humdinger discovers fishing is very hard work while scrubbing the deck with a toothbrush; Mr. Fin is accidentally sucked up the processing plant’s hose; and on and on!

Mr. Humdinger Goes Fishing is packed with hilarious gags, goofy sound effects, and fun music, including the final song, a rousing version of “Sailing, Sailing (With Mr. Humdinger).”